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LP Revivalist was created as I have a vast collection of vinyl collected over 35 years or more and I still buy around 20-30 LPs every few months from my local second store. I have been a HiFi enthusiast for many years and have always preferred the sound of vinyl despite having the top of the range CD and SACD players. I bought my Linn Sondek LP12 in 1985 and have been upgrading it periodically ever since. I bought a professional record cleaning machine and was amazed by the difference it could make to old albums, especially the ones I had at University that were left out for days at a time! Having been frustrated at not having my favourite old albums on CD and hence my iPod and also my Music Server system, I decided to solve the problem by converting my records to digital format. The results became LP Revivalist.

My background is a degree in Chemistry and DPhil in Physical Chemisry which led me to a career in IT and Telecommunications over 25 years. I worked extensively in the Space Industry, my responsibilities included the team which wrote the on board software for a Huygens probe which landed on Titan a moon of Saturn. The background in IT and love of music and high end HiFi has provided me with exactly the tools I need for LP Revivalist.

In response to demand from customers I have gradually added additional services over the past year, initially cassette to CD, mini disc and reel to reel to CD and then our video services from various formats of tapes or mini DVD-R to DVD. In all cases we use the highest quality equipment and computer hardware and software to ensre optimum quality.

Also we have a sister business building custom built PCs and also providing upgrade advice and materials for both PCs and Apple computers. Visit www.handcraftedpc.com.au and check it out.

Dr Andrew Tindell, founder.

Sydney 2008











LP Revivalist : Music without the Scratch, Crackle and Pop!

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