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If you would like to write a testimonial after using our service please write to andrew@lprevivalist.com

We also have a blog at www.lprevivalist.blogspot.com

"As a Linn DS user, I've become spoiled by how high resolution downloads from the Linn Records Website and lossless FLAC files sound on my system, and was hoping for some way to achieve this quality from a conversion from a rare vinyl album I'd purchased. The combination of his attention to detail, stringent workflow process and high end source set up meant that Dr. Tindell was able to provide a no compromise solution for the conversion. I'm very happy with the clarity and detail of the files that resulted. Linn DS users - I can attest that this is a true go to method of preserving that "Linn sound" you love when considering these types of conversions." AC, Auckland, New Zealand

"The quality of your transfer was superb and I am more than satisfied with your generally superior service.", PT, NSW

"Hi Andrew, the Cds have arrived and my wife is raving about the quality; thanks so much for your fast, friendly service." JH

"I can now listen to my favourite records on CD thanks to LP Revivalist. The sound is impressive, the service quick, efficient and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend LP Revivalist to anyone who wants to listen to their LPs again.", BH Sydney

"Dear Andrew, A quick note to thank you for transferring my two old LPs to CD's. Just played both and am impressed with the quality of sound. Have missed not being able to play them over the past 4 years since our old turntable failed. Your quick service was much appreciated. Cheers DC"

"Andrew at LP Revivalist did an excellent job converting a tape recording of an old rock concert from the 70's onto CD for me. The service was excellent and very prompt and the quality is as good as any live album you would get at the record store. I have no hesitation in highly recommending LP Revivalist." NK Vic

"LP Revivalist is set apart by virtue of Dr Andrew Tindell's genuine enthusiasm for, interest in and commitment to his work. He clearly loves what he does and the results he achieves reflect this. His complete professionalism and technical expertise is matched only by his respect, tact and good humour! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services and will most certainly be using them again myself." Rowena

"Dear Andrew, How thrilled I am to have my favourite recordings available on CD. You did a brilliant job in sound reproduction and the artwork is good too. It brings back such wonderful memories to hear 'the old friends' again. Carol Anne"

"Excellent sound and clarity. The sound quality on CD is better than what I listened to from the LP, there are orchestral sections I've never noticed before, I thought I knew every note of the score." AF, Kingswood NSW.

"The recording from the LP is fantastic quality. Thanks very much. I did not appreciate how important it was to find somebody with the right equipment, right software and expertise until I turned the volume up in my car." PD, Sydney

"LP Revivalist provided me a prompt, efficient and very effective conversion of two old LPs, with good iaison and courtesy. As a result I am happy to recommend them for efficient service coupled with excellent client liaison." Neil Flowers, Port Stephens NSW

“LPRevivalist converted an old record obtained in a second hand store to a CD for me. The source wasn’t the best, but the result was fantastic, and showed no signs of the years of use that the record had obviously enjoyed. Extremely clear sound, with no sign of surface noise, but with the music captured perfectly with all the brightness and clarity that vinyl can bring. The people at LP Revivalist have very good audio equipment but also have the passion and knowledge of music to use the equipment to produce great truly results. An excellent service.” CM, Sydney

“I had a favourite old 1980’s album of mine converted by lprevivalist to CD format and was very impressed by the quality of the result that arrived a few days later in the post. At the simplest level, the sound was crystal clear and free of any pops and crackles from the original vinyl; more importantly the musical quality was excellent with an accuracy, brightness and depth that pays tribute to the care and quality of the lprevivalist process and the truly excellent systems that they use. If you really care about sound quality and you want to convert your vinyl collection to a digital format, then this is the audio benchmark."
JP, Melbourne

"The quality of the transferred sound is amazing. Somehow the essence of a vinyl recording has been captured in digital format. The best way to describe this is digital LP's - The warmth of vinyl without the snap, crackle and pop. I'll be back for more. Keep up the great service." AMC, Sydney

“This service is astounding. I expected to hear some noise in the conversion to CD – but not one crackle. It is truly like a new studio recording. What totally blew me away was the quality of the transferred sound. It is like full analogue but in digital format. I don’t understand how that can be, but it is and I am amazed. AND the LP is as good as new. Could not recommend highly enough.” CM, NSW

"Fantastic job, the quality of the transfers are outstanding. It's hard to tell the difference between the vinyl & the copied Apple Lossless files being played through the digital music player. I'm especially impressed at how well all the crackles & pops are removed but yet still keeping the analogue sound you get from the vinyl. Not only do the files sound great the cleaned LP's have a new lease of life. This is a great service and I highly recommend it." K.L. Sydney










LP Revivalist : Music without the Scratch, Crackle and Pop!

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