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We can now convert your audio cassettes to CD. We do this using a Nakamichi 680 cassette deck with Dolby B if your cassettes were recorded using this noise reduction method. We then convert them to 16bit 44.1khz digital format. We apply digital algorithms to minimise tape hiss and if requested split them into tracks. We always split prerecorded tracks into tracks where these are indicated on the cassette information. If they are tapes you have recorded then we charge extra for this service as we have no way of knowing what is on the tape when we convert it to digital format. Note a CD can only accommodate 80 minutes so in some cases 2 CDs will be required.


Prerecorded cassettes converted to CD format and split into tracks: $28.00 ( 12 tracks or less ), $32 ( 13 tracks or more ), $34 if 2 CDs are required

Home recorded cassettes converted to CD

The prices for home recorded cassettes depends on the duration of the tape. Prices are as follows:

C60 : $28

C90 : $34

C120 : $40

The C90 and C120 will be converted to 2 CDs as a single CD can only hold 80 minutes. These prices include division into tracks. Note that tracks will be created at either music track boundaries where possible or at regular intervals with material such as spoken word.

Compilation CDs made from several cassettes are $4 plus $2.50 for every track included in the compilation. For example if you require a CD made from 20 tracks on a number of separate cassettes then the charge is $54.

Additional copies of CDs are $4.90 per CD.

More complex editing is charged at $15 per 15 minutes.

Discounts are available for multiple orders, 5% for orders of 5 or more and 10% for orders of 10 or more. Please call or email for more information.

We keep the digital recordings of your cassettes on our servers for 30 days after which they are permanently deleted.










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